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Stanmore, at the end of the Jubilee line has park and open countryside available within a few minutes walk of the station. While Stanmore is perceived as being expensive for housing, if you look hard you will find cheaper pockets especially in South Stanmore. It has the easiest access to the motor way, loads of everyday and gift shopping on its vast high streets, and two late night bagel shops, which are both lovely.

Being within easy walking distance of "downtown" Harrow, you wouldn't expect Kenton's High Street to have too much going on, but, in addition to the pubs (Irish and sports-related) and the variety of businesses, including a car dealer, a couple of hotels, and the usual high street stuff, Kenton has a Sainsbury's that is so big, clean, and well stocked, that it might force you into superstore loyalty, despite the Jamie Oliver commercials.

Kenton is a bikers paradise with two big motorbike stores. Also worth a visit is Pradip Sweet shop with home made veggie curries and samosas.

Edgware is a busy and bustling centre at the end of the Northern line, and close to the eastern edge of the borough. It seems well connected to the rest of the borough, with nearly as many buses on the street as cars. (other reasons to choose here are probably equally utilitarian.)

Canon's Park
Canon's park is a quiet residential area divided by the Jubilee line. It is within walking distance to both Stanmore and Edgware.


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